The cryptocurrency platform is a game changer in todays society that will have long lasting effects all into the future. Many cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and many other cryptocurrency are platform's for what is only the beginning of this huge new banking system. Cryptocurrency is like what internet was when it was first introduced, it's a new wave for a better tomorrow for everyone around the world. Bitcoin is the largest and first cryptocurrency which was created by an anonymous person or team named Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is a payment system which is held all virtually online. Bitcoin as-well as many other cryptocurrency are under what is called a blockchain. A blockchain is a ledger of accounts that is distributed across thousands of computers around the world and is controlled by no single authority which entails that its control by the users itself. The people who partake in this cryptocurrency markets controls 100 percent of their money which means no third party is involved. Many other banking systems like Visa can stop you from sending money or revert your money back if they want to, but with Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency NO-ONE can stop you from sending money to whom ever you want. It's truly power to the people. Bitcoin is not just an investment platform but is a new wave of banking for many people in 3rd world countries or people that just don't have your end of the mill banking accounts. The cryptocurrency market is one to indulge in because it will change the way we bank.

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