Gentrification is the process in which higher income or higher status people relocate to or invest in low income urban neighborhoods. Gentrification can also refer to neighborhood change that includes economic change in a historically disinvested neighborhoods. When higher income people move to these low income communities it is typically to capitalize on the low property value in these neighborhoods. Because of this, low income people that were living in these neighborhoods for decades are forced to move out because of the raise in rent. Many neighborhoods that are being gentrified are mostly occupied by black or hispanic individuals. The gentrification causes many people to be displaced and have to relocate and potentially leave their whole lively hood behind just so they can afford a place to stay somewhere else. Many big cities such as New York, San Francisco, Chicago, LA, Houston and many more are the foundation of gentrification. In the 1930s to the late 60s there were standards set by the federal government and banks which labeled neighborhoods to predominantly people of color as unfit for investment or risky, which is a practice known now as redlining which also denied loans to people of color to fix up their neighborhood or buy more properties. Gentrification can be either a good thing that happens to a neighborhood and its people or a bad thing depending on how the fluctuation of rent or housing values turn out.

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