Immigrant children separated from parents

Upon researching and reviewing the current problems with immigration I've come to a realization that the policies that were enforced by the Trump administration are total bullshit. His zero tolerance policy (established May 7th 2018) separated many kids from their parents who were seeking asylum and tried to cross the boarder. This policy caused much damage and destruction to many immigrants escaping their dangerous lives back home in the hopes of a better future for their kids. Today about 666 kids are accounted for in these immigration camps with no family to be united with because of the lack of search and proper documentation and information from the government regarding each parents. Why were families separated from their children in the first place? it's so wrongfully inhuman that "the greatest country in the world" would separate and destroy families that tried to enter America for a better life. The one responisible for this action is a narcissistic, delusional, self absorbed useless excuse for a president named Donald Trump. A lot of these kids that are in government custody had been separated from their families for about 3 years. First the government rips you from your family then fail to reunite you back to your love ones. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) has taken on the responsibility of finding the parents to many of the children still locked up in immigration camps today. 230 out of 666 kids that are in government custody are babies and toddlers. Ain't it crazy that a government official would take a baby from the hands of their mother, separate them and hasn't united them back to each other for almost 3 years. On July 12, 2019, in California the ACLU tried to get the judge to allow 21 parents to come back to America after they were deported back to their country without their kids to be reunited with them once again, and it was granted. The lawyers also were going to plead with the immigration courts so that the parents and their kids can stay in the U.S. It was a long and hard journey and one that is still not over yet to find and unite parents with their kids who are still in government custody.

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