Police Problem in America

There is never a right way for POC to do anything in this country without it ending badly like peaceful protests, which turns into "violent protests" due to the excessive police force in America to stop the American people to exercise their rights. The police force in America has always been a problem too many individuals but mostly the Black and Hispanic communities around the world. Excessive force has always been used by the police to shut down protests, mentally ill people or to keep "order" which in their eyes mean take control of a situation and do as they please. When it comes to POC doing anything to protect our rights or to let our voices be heard we are being called vexatious and to the police force they may see us as disruptive. When it comes to white supremacy protesting or protecting their rights they are viewed as law abiding citizens. I wonder why that is? Im not saying that all police are corrupt or bad, I'm just saying that a few bad apples spoils the bunch. During the George Floyd protest many police officers had their body cams turned off and would even attack the news reporters to keep them from showing people getting attacked by the police. Crazy right? If we go back to the Civil Rights Movement you can see that the same thing was happening to protestors back then as they are now, POC were and still are getting attacked by the police for standing and speaking up for what they believe in. It's crazy how in todays day and age armed white supremest gets away after threatening to kill people while unarm protestors are getting beat up and arrested. The police officers should be held accountable when situations like these occur but rarely any of them are. Should the police be demilitarized? the answer is YES!

Rayshard Brooks, 27

Daniel Prude, 41

George Floyd, 46

Breonna Taylor, 26

Atatiana Jefferson, 28

Aura Rosser, 40

Stephon Clark, 22

Botham Jean, 26

Philando Castille, 32

Alton Sterling, 37

Michelle Cuisseaux, 50

Freddie Gray, 25

Janisha Fonville, 20

Eric Garner, 43

Akai Gurley, 28

Gabriella Nevarez, 22

Tamir Rice, 12

Michael Brown, 18

Tanisha Anderson, 37

​Trayvon Martin, 17

These are just a few names on the list of people killed in the hands of the police

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