Pro life vs Pro choice

There are many opinions speculating between pro life and pro choice advocates about the abortion policy. Pro life individuals don't believe in abortion as a whole and thinks it should be illegal. Their counter attack is that it's not your choice to harm that individual, "They have a say". Pro choice individuals believe that it's a women's body so they have the choice to do whatever they want to do and if they can't take care of a child than they have every right to an abortion. Which is one hundred percent true. Look at the end of the day it's not up to anyone to make a decision for a woman who feels the need for an abortion. If she can't financially provide for a kid or have the provision too, then that's up to her on what she does with her body. Most abortions is done between 12-13 weeks of pregnancy in America. You can get an abortion between 4-6 weeks before the fetus technically has a heartbeat. So for all you pro life advocates out there 4-6 weeks is a perfect time for a women to get an abortion that wouldn't "technically" compramise your "its a human with a heartbeat" argument. This discussion between the two sides are going to agree to disagree about this policy for many years but at the end of the day if its not your body its not your choice.

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