Street Vendors

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Many hardworking vendors around the world are facing hardships because of this pandemic and by The County of Public Health Department. In California, many street vendors are facing random acts of attack on their business by many people that think it is funny harassing someone and some are being killed for some sick psycho pleasure.

There has been many cases where street vendors have been attacked and killed for doing their job. A street vendor in South Sacramento was selling snacks in her neighborhood near Franklin & 12th when customers showed up and started attacking and harassing her because she wouldn't give them free food. A 67 year old taco truck owner in Modesto California named Rafael Avila Rodriguez was shot and killed by a 13 year old boy. In Decemeber 21, 2020 a street corn vendor in Linda California was also shot.

All of these street vendors are trying to make an honest living by feeding communities traditional and non traditional meals and items and in return many communities are funding their business which also helps them keep a roof over their head and continue to make or sell something that the communities love.

The price of groceries as well as every other goods out there are not cheap at all, but many people think it's amusing to harass and inflict damage on these hardworking citizens property or goods for their own amusement.

A permit for almost all street vendors are nearly impossible to obtain. The start up cost to obtain a permit can cost roughly tens of thousands of dollars. Many vendors makes less than $12,000 a year which can cause obtaining a permit hard to achieve. ​ Carla De Paz, Senior organizer for Community Power Collective had told ABC7 "For food vendors to get a permit they have to go through a very rigorous process which is nearly impossible to get."


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