The Fight for Justice in Colombia

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

The country of Colombia has faced political unrest since 2020. Currently Colombia is facing a battle with the government. What began as a strike over tax changes, that would have a huge effect on the lower class continued onto other issues such as, police reform, equality and justice for the Colombian people.

Many residents of Colombia are being attacked, mistreated and are disappearing because of the police. Angely Vivas, a student in Colombia was watching the protest from outside her house when the Colombian police started firing some rounds at the protestors. Angely Vivas was struck in the leg by one of the bullets which caused her serious injury that could hinder her ability to walk.

The ESMAD anti riot squad is the cause for most injuries that occurs during these protest's. Many videos proves the discrimination and the excessive force that the ESMAD and the Colombian police force caused. Protestors are being attacked even when they show no signs of retaliation.

The President of Colombia Ivan Duque Marquez has stated "The violent threat we face consists of a criminal organization that hides behind legitimate social hopes to destabilize society and cause terror and distract public order". It's true that during a lot of protests there are a few people that use the good deeds of others and twist it into their own thing, but what President Marquez said is what many politicians or people of power say to try to shut the mouths of the people that want actual change to occur.

Right now Colombia is witnessing a genocide and we can bring awareness to their situation. #HelpColombia

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