War on Drugs

The war on drugs was first phrased by President Nixon on June 18, 1971. The war on drugs was used to tackle the problems that was and still is facing America today, but is it truly a means to stop the use of drugs or an excuse to use it to criminalize specific races in America. The way America sees drugs is from their perspective that each drug is targeted to a specific race. Cocaine was targeted towards African American and Hispanics, as well as crack. Ironically, cocaine was used more in Hollywood by white people as a mean to get high before a party, show, interview, or just a good morning waking up treat. In todays jail system about 80 percent of people in prison for drug crimes is Black and Latino males, and many of them are in there for minor charges but are facing many years for their crimes. A statistic from The Washington Post states that "1 in 3 Black males born today will end up in jail", it's crazy how we are already being looked at as criminals even before we are born. Deborah Peterson Small, a lawyer and social justice activist said in one of her interviews "When police kill someone of color who's unarmed they look specifically on any history of them on drugs or a drug environment they may have come from".

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